Assalamu Alaikkum wa Rahmathullah (Peace and Blessings be Upon You)

This has been a place of congregational worship and community activities for the Muslims in the city of Montgomery and surroundings since 1984. In addition to daily congregation and Friday congregational prayers, the masjid offers islamic education for children and adults.

Services Available: We offer Five time daily prayers. Weekly Friday congregational prayers. In the month of Ramadan nightly Taraweeh prayers. Annual Eid prayers at the sighting of the moon.
Current Imam: William Abdullah



Below are the weekly announcements for

May 12, 2021


Jumu’ah Prayer

Jummah prayers will be resuming on Friday, May 15th 2020 @12:30 pm Inshallah.


Islaamic Weekend School

The Weekend School will be canceled until further notice.


Halal Meats

Halal meat will not be sold at the Masjid. It is being sold at the Blue Store, 3065 Mobile Highway. It is also sold at the Asian Market, 5022 Vaughn Road.

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Monday & Thursday Fasting

As a way of life Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to fast every Monday and Thursday. Here at the Masjid, we try to encourage brothers and sisters to fast as well. We will update you on our next community Iftar.

Awesome 2021 Islamic Calendars

Comes with local prayer times and denoting some of the most beautiful masajid in America, are for sale on the table in the lobby. These calendars contain both the solar and lunar dates. The cost is only $15.00 and all proceeds go to the upkeep of the Masjid.

Our Community


Masjid Qasim Bilal Al-Amin, located in the Westside Community, is the largest and oldest Islamic community in Montgomery, AL (1984). We are a community of believers adhering to the Qur’an and the life traditions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him). Imam William Abdullah is the resident Imam of the community, and his leadership is supported by many generations of Muslims. Our community is the worship home to various races and cultures. We welcome all believers and offer spacious rooms, friendly congregation, and a peaceful atmosphere.”


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