Two Tools-Gifts to Humans


What gift was given to man while being created? Soul & Intellect and Islam fit the soul and intellect perfectly. Anyone who goes off Islam (Fitrah), your intellect is ruined, and your soul is ruined. Iblis (Satan) became jealous of this and refused to bow to Adam (AS).

The purpose of life is to live the gift of Islam – submission to Allah (Creator) because you trust in Allah because you know that Allah is your Creator, and he will only guide you to that which is the best.

When do we start tarnishing the gifts and refuse the gifts or abuse the gifts? When we start abusing our submission to Allah. Disobedience, that’s when the gift starts to become boring, and we complain, why is Islam not giving me happiness? Why am I not guided and feeling miserable? The problem is that you abused the gift, and you need to fix it.

Adam(AS) ate from the tree, and he was destined to be on earth, not because Allah was Angry with him or something special about the tree, but its that connection, the gift. Allah wants us to keep the relationship with him.


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